– 05 march 2021

Our MYP students recently participated in an International Language Competition organized by ILC (iLcompetition.com). Our students achieved a total of 46.5 points, ranking 6th overall. Two students will represent Fagerhaug International School  in the final round in week 11.

Making it to the finals, means that our students have mastered a complex system of words, structure, and grammar to effectively communicate with others. Congratulations MYP!


– 15th march 2021

On the 15th March 2021, two students from MYP 10 competed in the regional finals for the International Language Competition. After answering 28 questions, they tied 2nd place with another school in Trøndelag. The final question put them in 3rd place, moving them into the National finals. The questions in the final round will focus on history, geography, grammar, vocabulary and a few listening activities.